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Books & Links

Guide Books

  • Blue Guide to Istanbul, WW Norton, New York

  • Knopf Guides: Istanbul

  • Insight Guides: Turkey

  • Cadogan Guides: Turkey

  • Fodor’s Turkey


  • Freytag & Berndt Turkey Road Map

Suggested Reading

  • Strolling through Istanbul, John Freely, Redhouse Press, Istanbul 1983

  • Turkey Unveiled, Nicole & Hugh Pope. The Overlook Press, Woodstock, NY, 1977

  • Turkish Reflections, Mary Settle, 1991

  • Turkey’s Religious Sites, Anna G. Edmonds

Historical & Archaeological Books

  • Anatolia: Cauldron of Cultures (Lost Civilizations, Vol. 23), Dale M. Brown

  • Anatolia in the Second Millennium BC (Iconography of Religions Section 15- Mesopotamia and the Near East), M.N. Van Loon, 1997

  • Ancient Turkey: A Travellers History of Anatolia, Seton Lloyd, 1989

  • Catalhoyuk A Neolithic Town in Anatolia, J. Mellaart

  • Early Turkey: An Introduction to Archaeology of Anatolia from Prehistoric through the Lydian Period., Martha Sharp Joukowsky, Jean Blackburn, 1996

  • The Hittites and their Contemporaries in Asia Minor, J.G.Macqueen

  • Early Highland Peoples of Anatolia, Seton Lloyd

  • The Kingdom of the Hittites, Trevor Bryce

  • Ecology and Empire: The Structure of the Urartian State, Paul E. Zimansky

  • Mausolus, Hornblower

  • The Historical Archaeology of Northern Caria, Ronald T. Marchere

  • Ancient Ruins and Civilizations of Turkey, Ekrem Akurgal, Istanbul 1970

  • The Troad, John M. Cook, Oxford 1973

  • Hattusa, The capital of Hittites, Kurt Bittel

  • Cave Monasteries of Byzantine Cappadocia, Lynn Rolley, 1986

  • Aphrodisias, Kenan Erim, Istanbul 1989

  • Dynastic Lycia: A political history of the Lycians and their relations with foreign powers, C. 545 – 362 BC., Antony G. Keen, 1998

  • Lycian Turkey: An Archaeological Guide, George E. Bean

  • Aegean Turkey, George E. Bean

  • Turkey’s Southern Shore, George E. Bean

  • Turkey Beyond Meander, George E. Bean

  • History of Art in Phrygia, Lydia, Caria, and Lycia, George Perrot

  • The Ionians and Hellenism, A study of the Cultural Achievements of the early Greek Inhabitants of Asia Minor., C.J.Emlyn – Jones

Architectural Books

  • How the Greeks Built Cities, R.E.Wycherley

General Links

Archaeology Links


  • Nevali Cori

  • Excavations at Nevali Cori, revealed clues that the Neolithic Age had started between 12,000 and 10,000 B.C. in this site, at least 500 years earlier than at Catalhoyuk and Hacilar.

  • Patara
    Lycian city where Santa Claus was born, center for Lycian league that inspired American Constitution


Archaeology links provided by Archaeologist Umit Isin


Other Links


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  • If you plan to travel to Georgia then our guide can help, with everything from hotels to restaurants.

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