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Custom Tours to Turkey

A custom tour is perfect for someone who wants to travel only
with family/friends, who can’t find the right tour,
or whose days are limited. By choosing Asia Minor Travel & Tours, you’ll get
the benefit of our experience and in-depth
knowledge of the country and the confidence in knowing that you’ll have
a 24-hour contact point in Turkey should the need ever arise.
Although we specialize in Turkey, we can also plan excursions to other places around the Mediterranean.


Cappadocia valley walkWe offer
the following services:

  • Itinerary planning
  • Hotel choices
  • Private guide
  • Airport/hotel transfers
  • Domestic flights (in Turkey)
  • International flights (via 3rd party) 

Just contact us
to start planning your trip. Below is a list of questions you may want
to start thinking about.

  1. What dates/month
    and how
    many days total would you like to travel?

    Don’t forget to include 2 full days for international arrival and
    departure flights. If you only have a couple of days, check out our
    extension packages

  2. How many will
    be traveling in your party, including number of adults and children?

    You should also think about hotel sleeping arrangements (single room,
    double-room with
    a double bed or 2 single beds, etc.).

  3. What are your
    main interests?
    Ancient sites, history, culture, nature,
    beaches, big cities, small villages, etc.

  4. What
    cities/sites would you like to visit?
    We can certainly
    give you suggestions based on your interests, but please visit our Turkey
    or read through our tours to give you some ideas. Keep in mind
    that most international flights fly into Istanbul.

  5. Would you like
    a guide/driver?
    We strongly recommend choosing a guide to make the most
    of your time in Turkey, especially if you have a larger group or you
    will be visiting lots of sites. We can also arrange for a guide on certain days. For example, a day-trip to Ephesus where
    a guide
    would pick you up at your hotel, spend the day with you at the site,
    then drop you off at the hotel.

  6. What type of
    hotels would you like to stay in?
    Four or five star,
    small and quaint, large chain hotels, resort hotels, etc. We
    generally choose hotels for their safety, cleanliness, and local

  7. Would you like us to arrange your international flight? Please let
    us know if you have an airline preference or would prefer the least
    expensive. Note: We only provide this service to customers who
    purchase a custom or scheduled tour.

  8. Would you like
    to rent a car, mini-bus, etc.?
    Depending on your
    itinerary and the size of your group, we will automatically rent a
    vehicle if you choose to have a guide. Otherwise, we do not
    recommend driving in Turkey yourself because, frankly, the
    “rules of the road” are different.

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