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Adventure travel, contrary to the general belief, is not only for amusement, but also a real means for relaxing and a way to gain self-consciousness through struggling against nature and to learn how to survive in the nature, while providing a good opportunity to travel.  Particularly for the people, who by falling apart from the nature and their own realm under the heavy stress of the rushing rhythm of the big towns became desperate, adventure traveling is the best way to get rest and to get mental nourishment. The Taurus Mountain range of Turkey, which surrounds partly the city of Antalya, is one of the richest spots in the world for its resources of adventure with the towering peaks of the cliffs and deep gorges. The natural beauty and cultural heritage of Anatolia offers us is much more beyond those known so far. This land, with a history over 10.000 years, offers unequaled beauties of both nature and culture.  The valleys of Cappadocia, a land of eerie beauty, formed by the eruption of two volcanoes, Mt. Argeus and Mt. Hasan, some 60 million years ago.

A fantasy land of fairy chimneys and churches cut out of soft rock formations rising up in cone-like protuberances, the region was a Roman province and the refuge of persecuted Christians during the early days of the Roman Empire. Cappadocia is well-known for its rock churches that date to the period of  the persecution and for its underground cities, amazingly intricate systems of tunnels cut into mountains of rock.

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Day(s) Overnight Highlights Hotel
1 Arrival Day Arrvie To Antalya  Dogan Hotel
2 Konya Passing the old caravan trails Konya
3 Cappadocia Konya Plain, Mount Hassan, Ihlara Valley Kelebek Cave Hotel
4 Cappadocia Soganli Valley Sand Dunes, Kaymakli Underground city Kelebek Cave Hotel
5 Cappadocia Explore Cappadocia valleys 4×4 Kelebek Cave Hotel
6 Aksaray Explore Cappadocia valleys 4×4 Agacli Hotel
7 Antalya Tauros Mountains high pass, Koprulu Canyon National Park, Rafting Dogan Hotel
8 Departure day  Transfer to the airport. N/A

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