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Our Services

We offer tours and travel packages to meet
every taste. We are certain we have what you sadasdare looking for.


Guide with tour group

We only offer custom tours for individuals and groups. Please see samsple

Custom Tours

Asia Minor Travel offers custom guided tours for travelers who can’t
find the exact tour they want in our brochure or desire to travel only
with family/friends. We?ll work with you to create an itinerary that
suits your interests.

Freestyle Travel

You are invited to set your own pace while traveling in Turkey. We?ll
create an itinerary for you with detailed information and

Visitor with village boy
and make all necessary reservations, including hotels, transfers, car
rentals, and any other reservations you may desire. We have a wide
selection of hotels for different tastes and budgets from which you can
choose. Also, you will have a contact point in Turkey for any additional
information and/or help you may need during your stay. Please visit our custom
section for more info on planning your tour.


Jeeping in Cappadocia

We offer a wide range of adventure tours that allow you to explore
Turkey in exciting and different ways. Some of the more popular are
Walking, Hiking, Biking and Jeep Adventure tours. While conducting our
tours, we are ecologically sensitive and make the utmost effort to
preserve the land for future generations. Please visit our custom
section for more info on planning your adventure tour.

Special Interest

We cater to interests ranging from archaeology and culture to flowers
and bird watching. Many of our guides are archaeologist and
professionals in the field. Knowledgeable people ensure that you receive
accurate information. Please visit our custom
section for more info.

Incentive Tours

Asia Minor Travel will work with your company to organize an
unforgettable trip to Turkey for your employees. The programs we offer
are designed to promote friendship and create bonds between people.
Choose from one of our existing tours or let us know what you would like
and we will put a custom package together for you.

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