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Asia Minor Travel & Tours aims to educate all  guests with true history, culture, archaeology and nature of this wonderful country.

Welcome! We invite you to travel to Turkey with
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We specialize in customized guided tours to all corners of Turkey.

From ancient  sites and gulet cruises or walking and biblical tours, where you can visit the Seven Churches of Revelation, or follow  the Steps of St. PaulExplore Turkey 4X4 tours, and Botanical Tours, we are certain you will find the Turkey tour that suits your interests. We offer group and individual custom tours to meet your Turkey travel needs. We also offer Daily Private and small group trips for IstanbulAntalyaEphesos and Cappadocia

Asia Minor Travel & Tours is expert for Trekking & Hiking Tours. Especially the Lycian Trail which became very popular in recent years was our hiking trail for many years. Join us for Pisidian Trails and wonderful hikes for all ages.

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Why should one travel to Turkey?

AphrodisiasLet us introduce you to the wonders of Asia Minor, the land that forms a large peninsula bordered by the Black Sea in the north, the Mediterranean in the south, and the Aegean in the west. Once sailed by the ancient mariners these waters adjoin a land where many civilizations were born and flourished, leaving indelible marks that have influenced the culture of our world, where the Mother Goddess Cybele was once worshipped, and where the Apostle Paul was born. This land is now the modern, secular country of the Republic of Turkey.

Turkey, with one foot in the Balkans and the other in Western Asia, is an important corner of the stage on which the history of humankind has been played. This is where some of the earliest accomplishments in efforts towards a more civilized life have been recorded. Throughout history and pre-history it has been a bridge between East and West –a place where the ancient and modern blend together exotically.Village woman

“Why does one travel to Turkey and want to come back? I think it is neither the abundant ancient ruins of the greatest civilizations, nor the rich cuisine and the beautiful landscape, but it is the warmth of it’s peoples hearts.” Joan Richstone, A Traveler in Turkey, March 1996

Join Asia Minor Travel & Tours on one of our Turkey tours and see the remains of the great Hittite civilization that formed one of the earliest sophisticated governmental systems. Roam through the legendary city of Troy and explore ancient Ephesus, which was once the capital of the Roman province of Asia. Fall under the spell of Istanbul, the city that straddles two continents, endowed with the legacies of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Add to all this the natural beauty of the land with its untouched turquoise coast and the genuine hospitality of its people and you have all the ingredients for a fascinating and truly satisfying Turkey travel experience.

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